Unleash the power of Arena Scale in your FEC with the most simple VR attraction on the market.

Arena Scale Hardware

Equip yourself with the latest technology in VR: Standalone VR headsets, no gaming PC required. Connect it to a router and a computer and you have a VR Arena for less than 5000$.

Define your Arena

Chose one of our arena map sizes, draw markings on the ground with coloured tape to help with tracking & positioning. Add lights, banners and TVs. You'll have a beautiful eye-catching arena that attracts curious and drives foot traffic in your facility.

Easy Setup

Follow our step by step video guide to setup your arena in less than 1 hour. We also offer free of charge remote setup with one of our VR implementation specialists.

Marketing Assets

Let your customers know about the new mind-blowing attraction in your FEC with Versus marketing assets. It has everything you need to launch campaigns, update your website and share your new attraction on social media!


Invest in the Future of location-based VR
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