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Revenue Share
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For operators launching their first VR attraction.
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For operators ready to grow their business.
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What's Included

Versus VR Laser Tag

VR Laser Tag game with death maps, 6 maps, 2 game modes and game updates.

Arena Setup

Full technical setup guide and free remote setup with an implementation specialist


Our VR experts are available to assist you on setup, operation and promotion of your arena - for free !

Marketing Materials

A super-charged folder full of flyers, banners and social media kit to advertise and sell more tickets.

Wait, what about...

Does this include hardware ?

No, Phenomena only provides the VR arena software and templates. You can buy Oculus Quest 2 headsets on the Oculus for Business website ($799/headset).

How does revenue share works exactly ?

Sessions (or rounds) are charged 0.99$ for 6 minutes of gameplay for each player in the arena. We only make money when you make money!

Is there any hidden fees ?

No, you only pay for revenue share sessions or unlimited plan. There's no monthly fee per seat, no setup fee or no other cost other than the plan you're on.

Does this include coming titles ?

Yes ! Other games will be added to the catalogue in the future alongside Versus. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on coming titles.

What plan is right for me?

Not sure what to choose? Let us help you decide.

Revenue Share

You're experimenting with VR for the first time. This plan is great to start up as it requires a low initial investment to help you figure out the potential of the attraction in your venue.


You already have one or several VR attractions in your arcade/FEC and know how to market it to your customers and manage VR operations seamlessly.

Cost Comparison

Arena Scale VR
$5k to $8k

Free roaming arena with wireless standalone VR headsets. Doesn't require gaming PCs or tracking stations. Large play area.

VR Experience
Room Scale VR
$30k to $50k

Tethered room-scale VR with VR-Ready PCs and HTC Vive Pro Headsets and tracking station for each player. Small play area.

VR Experience
Turnkey VR
$150k to $300k

Turnkey VR arena witch Backpack PC's and Vive Wireless tracking and station for each players.
Very large play area.

VR Experience
Invest in the Future of location-based VR
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